User¡¯s manual
1. How to register?
    Click ¡°Register¡± and create your username and nickname. Your username is set to have a minimum of 3 characters and maximum of 15. It should only consist of the letters from A to Z in low case and numbers from 0 to 9 with no space in between, while your nickname is allowed to use Chinese characters. Please read the password security questions and answers carefully and you can contact the moderators when you forget your password. After registration, the administrator of the board will confirm your information within a workday (If you still cannot log in or post after a workday, please send email to You will be able to post after the confirmation. You have to type in your username and password whenever logging in, so please remember that information. Your nickname will be displayed with your post messages in the forum.
2. How to change your registration information and signature?
    After registration, if you want to make any change to your settings and signature, please send a message to the moderators or email
1. How to post?
    There are two ways to post in the forum. To post a new topic: You can click ¡°New Post¡±, write your text and click ¡°Submit.¡± To reply the previous posts: You can click ¡°Add a comment¡± or write in the blank at the bottom of the page.
2. How to post images?
    There are two ways to post images in the forum. One is to save the image on your own computer and upload it before you submit the post. This way is recommended. The other is to include [img]http://....[/img] in your post. Put the web address of the image in it, eg. [img][/img]. If you want to post several images together, write as follows:
3. How to insert a hyperlink address?
    If you need to insert a hyperlink address in your post, you can write [url]http://...[/url] or [url=http://...]. Write the address in the first codes and the captions in the second.
4. How to add an attachment?
    You can see ¡°upload photo/audio video¡± when posting a message. Click the button ¡°browse¡± and choose what you want to upload, then the attachments will be added.
1. How to browse posts?

     Choose the category you are interested in and click the corresponding button. You will see the related subjects in the page.

2. What do the numbers mean?
    Around each post, you will see several numbers. The number on the left means how many replies the post gets. Posts are ranked by the time of their latest reply. Post launched yesterday may remain on the top of today¡¯s list if it gets the newest reply. The number on the right means how many hits the post gets. The higher the number, the more popular the post.
3. What else can you do when you browse posts?
Click¡°username¡±£ºyou can check the person¡¯s information and read all his/her posts.
Click¡°add to favorites¡±: you can collect the articles in your favorites.
Click ¡°add a comment¡±: you can write your comment on the comment column at the bottom.
Click ¡°back to top¡±: No matter how long the post is, you can be right back on the top of it.
4. How to know which moderator is online?
     Check the online moderator on the upper-right half of the forum homepage.
     There are three ways for you to search: by topics, by usernames, or by date. The results will be ranked by time.
1. Search by topics: It¡¯s the default mode. Type the subject or the key word of a post, and click search, you will see a search page with related posts.
2. Search by username: Choose ¡°username¡±, type the username or ID, and click search, you will see a search page with all the posts by the user.
3. Search by time: Choose ¡°time¡±, the search will be based on dateline.
4. Advanced search: Each way you choose, you will find a button ¡°advanced search¡±. Click it, and you can conduct an integrated search through giving specifics on content, subject, username, date and category. You can also find all the posts in the past by clicking the button of ¡°past records¡±.

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